Easy DIY Nursing Pads

As some may know I have recently given birth to our second girl and I am breastfeeding. For those who have breastfed or are currently breastfeeding you understand that the “let down” is intense and can leave those lovely rings on the front of your favorite shirt for all to see. Yes, breastfeeding can actually be pretty messy and can sometimes involve multiple changes of shirts. Unless your like me and say screw it and wear the milk stained shirt for the rest of the day.

With my first I do not recall leaking this much! I swear my boobs are like the Super Soaker Nerf gun. So i tried out the disposable ones, which do work but not really that comfortable. They itch. Bad. Try discretely itching your boob in the middle of a highly religious town without getting dirty looks. Its quite difficult. So I took to the internet and tried to find cloth nursing pads, thinking that maybe I could buy some for fairly cheap. I did find a few that were pretty cheap on Amazon, however given my current budget and my dire need for nursing pads I decided to check my stash and make my own.

Nursing pads are typically made with cotton fabric such as flannel. I didn’t have as much flannel as I would have liked to have, but I ended up using some muslin fabric that I got on sale at JoAnns a while back. Muslin is another type of cotton fabric and cotton is what you want as its the most absorbent kind of fabric. Typically you can find flannel and muslin at JoAnns for pretty cheap and you can usually use a coupon for an additional percentage off. (*JoAnns also takes coupons from Hobby Lobby and Michaels, so long as they are not expired*). I wanted my nursing pads to be absorbent but breathable and not so thick that you see that funky circle through my shirt, so I figured the fabric I had would be perfect.  So onto the more important details…

Tools you will need for this project

  • Any Flannel, Muslin, or another cotton fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • A large cup or a bowl
  • Frixion pen (or other type of sewing pen/pencil)
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron

The flannel fabric that I had were scraps from some burp rags that I had made, so there wasn’t very much. I probably used about a fat quarter of flannel and about 1/3 of a yard of the muslin. Why so much muslin you ask? Well this is going to be my “filler” fabric. You can choose what ever pattern you like for the flannel because that will be the fabric you see.


Once you picked your fabric lay it out and using your cup/bowl and pen trace your circles. *Note: it helps to iron your fabric first* The muslin is your “filler” so you will want about 6 to 8 layers to go in between your flannel pieces. I didn’t want to have to trace and cut a ridiculous amount of individual circles so I folded the fabric over until I got the right amount of layers that I needed then I traced and cut. Don’t worry too much about your circles being perfect you can trim later. (I realized after I finished everything that I had an odd number of pads. I blame residual pregnant brain. Ha!)


Once you’ve traced your circles cut them out. For the layered muslin I found it easier to cut and keep them together if I pinned the circles.  IMG_2038      IMG_2037


After cutting out your circles put your nursing pads together. Carefully take the pin out of your muslin and place flannel on either side and pin the pieces into place.           IMG_2040IMG_2041

Now that you have your lovely booby pads pinned, its time to sew them together! I highly recommend using a walking foot for this project since you will be sewing through so many layers of fabric. It can be difficult using a regular presser foot. You can use a simple zigzag stitch it will hold just fine. I used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine. You want the edge of your fabric to be at the edge of the presser foot, so about 1/8 of an inch.


Once all your pads are sewn together iron them and trim any excess muslin that may have shifted (not pictured) to give them a nice even finish.



And that’s it! A great easy project that can be done in about thirty minutes and are a perfect gift for any expecting Mommy that is planning to breastfeed. These are so much more comfortable than those itchy disposable booby diapers! And for a newly breastfeeding Mommy myself the 8 layer muslin filler is perfect for me, especially at night when my little one decides to sleep past her feeding time. No more milk stains on my shirts or my sheets! *Happy Dance*

If you have any questions feel free to email me or comment. Don’t forget to subscribe for weekly updates and blog posts. Thanks for reading! Happy sewing everyone!



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